The North Shore Gallery

Custom Front Door Solid Wood Classic Collection Double GD-152 DD CST

Shown in Mahogany Wood with Custom Finish

Model Design External Dimensions (inches) Wood/Finish
GD-152 DD CST Double 87-5/16 x 98 x 6-9/16 Mahogany with Custom Finish

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Structure: To enhance stability even further, the core of our mahogany doors contain the same solid mahogany species.

For our engineered banded stiles and rails, each stile features a solid mahogany edge band. The engineered stiles and rails are stronger then single, solid wood pieces, reducing the possibility of the door warping or splitting. Our durable 3-ply wood panels will not twist, warp, shrink or expand.

In our finished series, the panel is completely prefinished and sealed on all six sides before being installed, and as the panels are free to float between fixed edges, there is no unfinished part of the panel that may show up with time. There are no nails that hold panels in place.